Tennis for fitness

What is tennis for fitness?

Tennis For Fitness™ is an exercise class run on a tennis court. Tennis is the FUN modality we use to combine cardio, coordination, strength building and flexibility in a complete, moderate workout, all in about an hour’s time.

We focus on tennis specific movements, and hitting A LOT of tennis balls! Always going at YOUR OWN PACE, we move through fun hitting scenarios and group games using a variety of tennis balls and most strokes. Each session ends with recovery and stretching to keep you nimble and reduce soreness.

Over the course of many classes, you will notice improved physical conditioning, cardio endurance, sprint capacity, flexibility, and MOOD! Begin where you are, and go where you can and want to go in every session.

It’s all about you, and what we can create together in this exercise space. The only “rule” in this class is, No Thinking!!!! TENNIS FOR FITNESS™ is a place to move without judgment, feel exhilarated in your own body space, and actively engage in your own self-care. 

Charge Forward

Begin at whatever fitness level you are at. 

In the years that I have run this class at local townships, I have created an inviting space for people to begin at whatever level of fitness they are at, and progress over time, at their own pace.  

Finding your edge, doing what you can on any particular day, and getting what YOU want out of each session is the purpose of what we create TOGETHER.

My background

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I am a PTR Certified Professional Tennis Instructor in private practice for the last 11 years.

Tennis Haven is my tennis development and  instructional company where I create and run tennis programs in local townships and community associations.

My clientele includes players of all ages and stages of tennis development and performance, from 4-99 years of age, beginners through advanced.

What Others are Saying!

“Improved cardiovascular fitness, coordination, and flexibility… Got stronger and more confident with forehand…Very much enjoying the classes.”

Julia M

“Improved endurance, better footwork and movement.”

Kathy B

“TENNIS FOR FITNESS® class was an amazing cardio workout and after each class I felt like I did exercise… I think Liz has organized this class really well. It was a great workout with a nice bunch of people.”

Kasia B

Upcoming Classes and Events

5/11/20 – 7/31/20

Tennis for Fitness

time tbd

Wentz Run Park


5/3/20 – 9/15/20

Round Robin Tennis  3.5+

Up to 3 timed matches. Singles/ doubles match play. Balls provided. Every Tuesday evening. Send message below to reserve your space.

6:30 – 8pm

Wentz Run Park


5/2/20 – 7/20/20

Round Robin Tennis 2.0 – 3.0+

Up to 3 timed matches. Singles/ doubles match play. Balls provided. Fridays. Send message below to reserve your space.

time tbd

Wentz Run Park


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